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Sorry for the lack of updates this week — I’ve been working on some side projects that hopefully I can talk about later. I have, however, been updating my Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook pages with some relevant info, and figure it is time I do a bit of self-promotional meta.

So! Here are the many ways you can follow The Curvy Nerd, both this blog and on other platforms, where I may post exclusive non-blog content. Fun, right?

Subscribe to The Curvy Nerd RSS feed (ie: in your preferred feed reader)

Subscribe to The Curvy Nerd via Email (receive daily email summaries of that day’s posts)


Follow The Curvy Nerd on Facebook – featuring links, discussion, polls and more that aren’t on this blog, but also a handy way to know when there’s a new post.


Follow me on Twitter – a mish-mash of body/weight related tweets, but also feminist stuff, random observations, may attempts at humor (usually related to horrible reality shows)


Follow The Curvy Nerd on Tumblr – links to posts on the blog, plus reblogs of other good content, as well as some links/videos/photos/quotes that won’t be on the blog or Facebook.


I think I have all the major platforms covered, no? 😀  So whatever way you are most comfortable following a blog/getting content, you can do so. I’m really jazzed about providing more interesting info via Facebook & Tumblr, especially for those who are already super integrated into those platforms.

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