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2012 goals; 2011 accomplishments

2012 goals; 2011 accomplishments

Long time, no blog! I know, I know… but I have good reasons! XD Let’s just say that my professional writing career has made significant strides in the last month.  Plus I learned to knit. XD More on the proffi writing very soon, but for now, I thought I’d kick off the New Year — which looks like it will be epic! — with a review of 2011.

My main takeaway from 2011? I took up fitness and exercise and I STUCK TO IT ALL YEAR. This is, by far, one of the greatest accomplishment I’ve had in a single year in… forever? It’s huge, y’all. From January to May, it was running consistently, and since May, it’s been Slimmons three times a week. Vacations and life bumps like getting sick have taken me away from Slimmons for small periods of time, but I always went back (do you know how hard it is to drag yourself back to 45 minutes of high-impact cardio after a ten day vacay?). I am super proud of myself!

I also gained a LOT of body confidence in 2011, in large part due to exercise, but also because of this blog. I don’t know why or how, but I’ve… deprogrammed myself from a lifetime of fat shame, body hate and food guilt. I mean, not *completely*, but I simply have no patience for it anymore. Yeah, it means I don’t monitor my eating as closely as before (ie: I don’t “diet” b/c I’m not trying to “lose weight”), as fitness, health and NOT dieting has become my focus, but my newfound sanity about my body has made my eating a lot better. I don’t HAVE to dive into a box of cookies because they’re not forbidden… and I can have one or two and walk away. It’s lovely.

And friends! I’ve made so many friends! Honestly, part of the reason I’ve been terrible about blogging is that I get Heidi, Patty, Alyssa and Laura all to myself in real life, and talk about bloggy topics ad naseum in person and then forget to blog them. Whoops!

So what’s ahead in 2012? My primary goal has nothing to do with health/fitness or my weight, and is already underway — career success in 2012! But relative to The Curvy Nerd? I’d like to continue my fitness routine, and then step it up. My body is now used to Richard three times a week, and I think I need to add a day (I love some of the other classes at Slimmons but the sked is the thing!), or another activity (maybe running again), in order to challenge my body more. I’ve seen a lot of positive physical changes in my arms, legs and torso… but my hips and stomach are persistently the same. Sigh.

I’m not setting a weight specific goal right *now* but that doesn’t mean I won’t later in the year. I know that sounds odd, or like a cheat. But every single year I’ve set a goal tied to a number, wouldn’t achieve it and would be so bummed out, that it wouldn’t matter if I did accomplish other things (like fitness). This year I’d rather not do that.

Well, I don’t want to set a WEIGHT number goal. I do have a clothing size number goal in mind: I’d like to kiss size 16 ANYTHING goodbye (I’m a 14/16) and make serious headway to getting into a size 12. This translates to losing at least 6 inches in my hips (since I’m a 16 down below exclusively!), so my “stepping up my fitness goal” becomes key. Obviously some weight loss will come with that. But I’m not going to say “I will lose 30 pounds!” and then beat myself up/have other people judge if I don’t get there. The thing about clothing size goals, is you can lose 10 lbs but exercise like a mofo and lose far more inches than your weight loss may reflect. Or, you can lose 30 lbs but not do ANY toning and achieve the same thing. I’d rather focus on fitness and toning to achieve body goals in 2012.

ALSO: I need to blog more. Seriously.

Enough about me! What are YOUR goals for 2012? Are they weight based? Fitness? Career? Something else?

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4 Responses to “2012 goals; 2011 accomplishments”

  1. So happy to see that you are back a-blogging and also to see how great 2011 has been, not to mention your goals for 2012. I am also very pleased to see that you are going to blog more this year – I need my curvynerd fix damn it!

    My goals are similar to yours – I’m not dieting (but eating well) and I’m looking to step up my fitness (5k under 30 mins and a new 1500m PB if you’re interested). I also want to blog more and get back into my guitar playing and photography. I think it’s going to be a good year!

    So, thanks again for your blog last year, and anything you write this year. I look forward to reading more from you soon (and if you ever come to the UK you can have me to yourself in real life too, if that doesn’t sound too stalkerish of course!)

  2. Patty (135by2012) says:

    My goal for 2012 is to spend more time with The Curvy Nerd… Now if she just lived closer to Pasadena… LOL!

    You did amazing in 2011 and I know 2012 will be even better. You can do it and we are here to help you along the way!


  3. Lyssa says:

    How did I miss this post?! I even got a shout out!!!
    It was a definite highlight meeting you and the girls this year…. I sense many adventures on the way! :) Starting with Thursday, hehe!


  4. Robin says:

    You didn’t link this to fb did you?

    Anyway, as you can figure, I am SO on board with the not having a specific weight goal and focusing on fitness not body size. YAY! (also YAY career success) I am so glad to hear that the removing the forbidden aspect of food is working for you. This is such a huge thing, and yet so many people continue on the same destructive food-guilt mindset.

    I don’t really have any goals for the new year, but I did decide sometime in the fall (after getting SMOKED by some fast girls at frisbee) that I am going to be FASTER this year. Which means focusing my exercise routine on speed work, leg strength, and recovery. Which means more hard interval days, shorter and more intense workouts, dreaded evil lunges, and not sweating it if I do less distance or take a day of yoga or pilates or rest instead of chugging out some mediocre cardio.

    The good news is it’s working – my intervals are getting faster and (real goal here!) I’m getting open more on offense and playing better defense. YAYES! It’s also further separating the fitness=burning calories mentality which I like, but mostly yay speed.


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