The State of The Curvy Nerd

So obviously I’ve not been posting. This is for a variety of reasons, are very good, but I’ve also felt terribly guilty about it. I’m sure some have wondered — or even assumed — that my lack of blogging (and tweeting, whoops) meant I’d fallen off the wagon (to be fair, when I do tweet, it is often about Thai food lol). Honestly? I didn’t have much to blog about (plus, you know, was and am super busy with my Harry Potter project), because I’ve been working on the 2012 goal I set out for myself, happily enjoying a routine. And when you’re not actively trying new things, etc. etc… there just not as much to talk about!

I’ve not weighed myself since January and I’ve not been following the Weight Watchers plan. Shock, gasp, etc.  What I’ve been doing, which if we’re completely honest could go horribly wrong, is trying to get a feel for my body and my health. I said when I laid out my 2012 goals that I wasn’t going to focus on specific weight loss, or a target number, but that health and fitness were my primary objective. I’ve stubbornly kept to that. I go to Slimmons three times a week, and if for some reason I have to skip a class, I feel the difference. For summer, I got a terrific Groupon for the gym in my office building, so I plan to add another 1-2 days of cardio to my weekly routine, because three times a week is starting to not be enough (crazy!). I eat what I want, within reason, with as little guilt as possible. I am mindful of certain dark black holes of doom and have been maneuvering around them — sometimes with success, other times not. But most importantly, I’ve pulled myself back from the edge a few times far sooner and with more success than in the past — so it didn’t snowball into “OMG GAINED 20lbs.” (not that I would know, what with the no weighing myself thing)

I’ve paid careful attention to how my clothes fit and feel. About a month ago, I noticed the dreaded back fat rolls were creeping back up, making a few of my dresses uncomfortable to wear without a jacket. I took an honest look at what I’d been up to and quickly found one glaring issue: my once or twice a week soda fix had turned into a daily occurrence. Big no-no. I went cold turkey three weeks ago and have only had Diet Coke once in that time (on a business trip), and the effect has been staggering. Where I was sure I had *gained* weight a month ago, now I suspect I’ve lost a good amount — cutting out soda (again — I’ve done it in the past and I know it’s the smartest idea, but…) immediately put the kibosh to the back fat problem and made me feel a lot less sluggish.

And that’s the thing: I’m trying to correlate what I eat, drink and do with my body (ie: cardio) makes me feel. If I’m feeling good — and muscular (my arms are awesome guys. Like, amazing) — and know I’ve not been shoveling processed crap in my mouth, then frankly it doesn’t matter what the scale says. And if I’m honest? I look awesome. (I still have the stubborn middle — my hips refuse to shrink, but my legs, thighs, waist, arms, etc. are finally really showing the effects of Slimmons). That doesn’t mean I won’t go for another chunk of weight loss, but when I do, it will be a natural next step of my fitness and health process and I may have a hope’s chance in hell of actually maintaining any loss.

I’m going to try and blog more often, I swear. It’s more or less summer now, and I am definitely feeling the motivation again to try and nudge my clothing size down a notch or two (pounds I don’t care about… but going down a dress size would be lovely), so there will be more to write about. Plus, of course, there’s always something ridiculous happening in the news that I can get angry about XD

(and I’m still working a ridiculous amount on my Harry Potter thing and it’s going to be ridiculously epic!)

3 thoughts on “The State of The Curvy Nerd”

  1. Hey! I just randomly decided to check your blog today for the first time in ages – what a nice surprise! I’m so glad you’re doing well. :)

  2. Hey, if you want to take the cardio up a notch, I wanted to tell you that Cardio Barre in Beverly Hills has a Living Social deal right now, which makes the classes ridiculously cheap. $4 a class! I’ve been going there twice a week since Oct. It is an ass kicker, but if I can do it, you can too! There are tons of class times, so it should be easy for you to get to a class. If you have any questions or concerns, I’m here to help!

    It’s just that the classes are so damn cheap with that Living Social, it’s a shame not to at least give it a try.

  3. Good to see you back – I look forward to readind more from you. Really pleased all is good with you :-)

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