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Comment Fail: Curvy Nerd + Gawker = FAIL

Comment Fail: Curvy Nerd + Gawker = FAIL

I usually don’t comment on Gawker (or even Jezebel), as I don’t like getting drawn into fights. Instead, one of my favorite past times is watching OTHER people getting drawn into fights. There are some epic threads that make for good reading. But yesterday, on a post about a man who opened up a plus-size […]

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Comment Fail – L.A. Times on whether a fat man can be President

Comment Fail – L.A. Times on whether a fat man can be President

Trigger warning: body snarking, fat shaming, fat hate, Democrat hate, racism, sizeism, ridiculous slurs against President Obama and his wife. Oh Lordy. LORDY LORDY LOO. This one is a doozy. I am torn between RAGE and crying. So the L.A. Times has an editorial questioning whether New Jersey governor Chris Christie, who is overweight/obese and […]

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Comment Fail: Fat women starved of sex (Salon)

I have to thank a reader for pointing out this article from Salon to me. It’s an oldie but a goodie. The jist: studies show that overweight women are SCREWED when it comes to sex. Everyone is having more sex than fat women! Including fat men! It’s all very depressing. Then there are the comments! […]

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Comment fail: HuffPo piece on Kenlie & Southwest

I debated covering this massive Comment Fail, because I know Kenlie, of the FANTASTIC blog All The Weigh, personally. I followed her saga with Southwest on her blog, and totally missed that the story hit all the news blogs. It is really difficult to read the mass of hateful, ignorant, particularly ugly comments being made […]

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Comment fail: Meghan McCain responds to Glen Beck’s fat shaming

Comment fail: Meghan McCain responds to Glen Beck’s fat shaming

Meghan McCain posted a column on The Daily Beast responding to a bit Glen Beck did on his show where he pretended to vomit for ten minutes after seeing her “naked” (from the collarbones up) in a PSA. Her response is a good one, and I recommend reading it. Apparently, people have been body politicking […]

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Comment fail: Salon’s “How our culture is ruining women’s health”

Comment fail: Salon’s “How our culture is ruining women’s health” followed up their “fat male privileges” editorial with another, about the general state of how current culture is ruining women’s health. They cited a recent study which found that a LOT of women would rather suffer from severe depression or even herpes than be obese. Specifically: [Women] were asked to choose whether they would […]

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In the news: obese Ohio man fused to chair; dies

In the news: obese Ohio man fused to chair; dies

Stories like this are always incredible, bordering on ridiculous, yet here we have another one: a morbidly obese Ohio man who sat in a recliner chair for the last two years became fused to the chair, and died from the condition. The man was 43. Gory details from the original news story: Authorities said he […]

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