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290 lbs man sues White Castle for pint-sized booths

290 lbs man sues White Castle for pint-sized booths

A 290 lbs man is suing fast food chain White Castle for refusing to enlarge their booths, according to the New York Post.

From the article:

“They’re stationary booths,” he told The Post. “I’m not humongous, [but] I’m a big guy. I could not wedge myself in.”

“As I looked around the restaurant, I saw that there were no tables and chairs that could accommodate a person that merely wanted to sit down and eat his meal,” Kessman wrote.

Kessman claims he has no problem finding a place to take a load off at other fast-food places, and fits easily into airline seats.

The Rockland County man says the chain’s uncomfortable booths violate the civil rights of fat people.

The Americans with Disabilities Act is “applicable, not only to me, but to pregnant women and to handicapped people,” he said.

“I just want to sit down like a normal person,” said Kessman, who is suing for bigger chairs and unspecified damages.

I am of two minds about this. My knee-jerk reaction is two fold: a) JFC, enough with litigious America and b) disability? Really?

Here’s the thing: I do not think of myself as disabled. I don’t think of my fellow fat & obese friends as disabled. As victims. To be pitied. (I also generally don’t compare obesity to pregnancy or being handicapped, but oh well) Yes, there are obese individuals who are handicapped by their weight. They can be and are discriminated against and should be protected by the Americans with Disabilities Act. But the average overweight/obese person? Not really disabled, IMO…

Does it really violate my civil rights that I don’t fit into a plastic booth manufactured decades ago?

I don’t think of a 290 lbs guy with a big beer gut not being able to sidle into a booth at White Castle as disabled, or discriminated against. If you click on the article and look at the picture, you can tell what kind of booths they are — some of the old school booth installations in an old fast food restaurant. I’ve been in those booths before. Yes, they are uncomfortable — I’ve banged my knee before, too! It’s not because I’m fat, though. It’s because I’m TALL and these booths were manufactured when people were a lot shorter (and, yes, less rotund, on average).

And I’m sorry, but he describes being humiliated because he hit his knee and couldn’t fit, so he refused to go back? Really? That’s just being overly dramatic and sensitive, if you ask me.

Would it be nice if White Castle reinstalled their booths? Yes. Should they have to? No. Could this man have asked for a bloody chair? Yes. Is this lawsuit over the top and a bit ridiculous. Yes.

What do you think?

Personally, I’m uncomfortable with being told that, as a fat person, I have a disability. I think that further stigmatizes fat as bad, fat people as victims and being fat as something to be pitied. This man wasn’t involved in an incident where someone demonized him for being fat — the company didn’t do anything to him. I don’t think a piece of hard plastic can violate your civil rights, IMO. But I recognize that this is my personal opinion, as a no-longer-that-fat person. So.

(also, I really hate the NY Post headline)

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CA mom SHOCKED to find out Nutella is NOT a healthy food, sues

Nutella and a kitten. YES.

Oh dear sweet Lord. Should have seen this one coming. In yet another stunning example (mom sues McDonalds, anyone?) of stupid Americans being stupid, then being litigious and making the United States look silly and gullible, a San Diego mom is suing Nutella for their misleading claims that Nutella is healthy.

Funny thing is, I know EXACTLY which commercial this puddle-deep California mommy saw, because the first time I saw it, I practically yelled at the television WTF NUTELLA IS NOT A HEALTHY OPTION FOR ANYONE, LET ALONE CHILDREN. Me = hardcore Weight Watcher (the points in Nutella make me want to cry). HORRIBLE QUALITY, but check it out:

Soooo this gullible, simplistic Cali Mom saw this commercial went “OMG, I MUST PURCHASE THIS NUT SPREAD TO GIVE TO MY CHILDREN. IT IS HEALTHY.” It’s hazelnut spread. Similar to peanut butter, but with hazelnuts. What is peanut butter? Peanuts + oil + salt. IT STANDS TO REASON THAT ANOTHER TASTY NUT SPREAD IS EQUALLY FATTENING. I mean, really. Did she TASTE the Nutella? It tastes like naughty. Delicious, amazing naughty goodness that can in no way be good for you. Sure, it’s made with “natural” ingredients. There are no “artificial colors or preservatives.” That doesn’t make it HEALTHY. You can simply read the label and see how NOT healthy it is. Yeesh.

Cali Mom said, and I quote: “shocked to learn that Nutella was in fact, not ‘healthy, nutritious’ food, but instead was the next best thing to a candy bar, and that Nutella contains dangerous level of saturated fat.”

Um, DUH. It’s a chocolately nut spread of JOY. If it’s made by the same company as Ferrero Rocher… OBVIOUSLY NOT HEALTHY.

More gems from Mom, courtesy of this Fox News article:

“Nutella was worth less than what plaintiff and members of the class paid for them,” Hohenberg, the mother of a four-year-old child, said in her lawsuit, which she hopes to turn into a “class action.”

Under the terms of such a class action suit, she asks that any monetary judgment against the company be divided among “all persons who purchased on or after January 2000 one or more Nutella products in the United States for their own or household use.”

Ummm… all people who purchased it since 2000? Nutella didn’t even launch the arguably misleading and stupid ad campaign until 2010! Nutella in the U.S. from 2000 to 2009? Sans nationwide commercials featuring moms and whole grain bread! Should Nutella have used the word ‘healthy’ in their commercial? No. It really, really bothered me that they used that tack in their advertising, because I know better. I thought no one in the United States was stupid enough to buy this pandering commercial. I was wrong. Also: Nutella is worth every penny, because it is delicious.

Where will it go from here? I have a bad feeling Nutella is going to be sanctioned for misleading advertising. But I am eye-rolling HARD at this presumptuous, silly mom. I’m just guessing she’s one of those pretentious, annoying helicopter moms. Ugh.

Now, enough wrist-slapping for Nutella’s silly inaugural U.S. advertisement. Time for Nutella love! I love Nutella. LOVE IT. Spreading Nutella (or the non-hazelnutty German breakfast alternative, the choco-vanilla swirl spread) on a piece of toast is LIKE A RELIGIOUS EXPERIENCE. I also highly recommend dipping honey wheat pretzels in Nutella. Ten pounds of my work-summer weight loss can be attributed to this snack.  Behold, an enigmatic German Nutella commercial, which translates to “the morning makes the day.”":

MISS IT. Eat Nutella people. Just don’t kid yourself into thinking it’s healthy.

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