Weigh In: Week 29

I told you about my plateau mini-break yesterday, which accounts for the lack of weigh-in posts. But now we’re back in the saddle!

Happily, I lost 1.6 lbs this week! I also updated my stats page, so it is nice and shiny with charts and everything.

As I mentioned yesterday, I wasn’t sure about doing Weight Watchers online only, partly because I didn’t have a scale that I trusted. Well, consider that problem SOLVED! I’ll do a full review post, but basically I got a new, digital scale from EatSmart. So no more guessing about the analog scale dial — I get my numbers with .2 read-outs, just like at Weight Watchers, and the scale can’t “lie” to me LOL.

I weighed in yesterday, Thursday, so for the time being Thursday will be my weigh-in day. It may shift a little in the future, but this week it was necessary as I will be away all weekend.

I’m off to a fun bachelorette weekend in San Diego. The good news is the bride is a frequent commenter, gym nut & body positive, so she won’t let me fall off the wagon. The bad news is I really like fruity-drinky alcohol LOL. Next week’s weigh-in will be fun!

Weekly Weigh In: Week 22

Suck it last week, this week was awesome! Ok, I’m ready to quantify: last week I gained 3 pounds and nearly fell out of my chair. This week I lost 2.4 lbs of that 3 — so I’m more or less back on track! Also, I feel justified in thinking that last week had something to do with water retention XD

Just like last week, I’m feeling good this week. I was more rigid with my tracking, which was a missing ingredient the previous week. It’s always worth remembering: when I track in the MORNING my food for the WHOLE DAY, I am more likely to stick to plan, feel in control and make good decisions.

This week’s meeting topic was eating out, but I’d like to talk briefly about last week’s topic: “me” before & after joining Weight Watchers. In the actual meeting, I was in the wrong mindset — I’d gained, but also there were two members in my meeting who made comments that rather upset me. Every once and a while there are people like that in meetings — in this case the person who makes it clear with comments that they’ve never been really overweight, certainly not obese, and doesn’t have lifelong, deeply ingrained disordered thinking towards food.

The first comment was one that “obese people either don’t care about themselves at all, or are self-centered and don’t think about those around them.” Do you see why that made me see red? A person in a Weight Watchers meeting said this!

But the second comment, which like the first also came from an older woman, really demonstrated for me the generation gap in “dieting” methodology. A grandmother related that her daughter, who is a nutritionist and health nut, doesn’t allow her son (this woman’s grandson) to eat sweets. When the grandmother offers him candy, he says “I can’t eat that.” She offered this method as a way to deal with challenges of eating out and being faced with “bad food.”

Here’s the problem: “I can’t eat that” doesn’t work! When you’re not a five-year-old following mommy’s food rules, it’s maddening to deprive yourself of food. “I can’t eat that” is one of the reasons I have such bizarre and unhealthy “reasoning” about certain food: “I can’t eat that, but I could eat this this other thing instead.” Then I eat that thing. It’s not satisfying. I deny, deny, deny myself — until I go crazy and eat the thing I wanted in the first place, or I eat four times the amount of the substitute as is healthy or needed. You can get fat on hummus, too!

So for me, it really is important to remove the barriers of food guilt and the “can’t have” mentality. Your mother’s/grandmother’s diet doesn’t have to work for you. In fact, I’d argue it doesn’t — we’re fatter than ever, despite decades of “dieting.”

Weekly Weigh-in: Week 12

After my last weigh-in on Tuesday, I took the bull by the horns, and decided I would NOT have another lack-lustre weigh-in. A .6 weight loss is well and good, but not when I’ve yet to hit the 10lbs weight loss mark… and I know I could be doing better.

Then, I found out my WW buddy couldn’t go to the Tuesday meeting, which meant my ride was gone. In the past, I’ve just written off weeks such as these, and gone two weeks without weigh-in. This week, I took charge, and went to a Sunday meeting (via the bus). And I lost 1.4 pounds! It puts me .2 lbs from 10, and 2.2 lbs from my 5% goal. My daily PointsPlus target also went down by one.

So I’m feeling reenergized, and ready to bust through the 10lbs mark next week. The weight loss is still going more slowly than I’d like, but it’s still going…

What did I do this week that worked? I still wasn’t perfect, but I:

  • Didn’t go to the grocery to buy more snack food when I ran out
  • Was disciplined about eating a light dinner on the days I had a heavy lunch
  • Made my balsamic & olive oil green beans for the first time in a month
  • Didn’t beat myself up when I went to the food trucks & went to The Counter, twice in one week (more than I’d like). I made the best choices I could (no cheese on my burger, for example), and then was smart about my dinners both days.

My personal lesson for the week: get back to your veggies, and watch your Points closely. You can be “totally sticking to the plan,” but if you’re honest, you may not be as disciplined as you should be.

Weekly Weigh-in: Week 11

Another week, another weigh-in and, dagnabbit, this whole losing slowly thing is FRUSTRATING. I’m down .6lbs, which would be fine were it not for the fact that I skipped a week. While I’m a proponent of slow and steady weight loss, in previous attempts taking off weight has just been easier. Since I started in January, the weight has come off in small increments — .4, .6, .8, 1, 1.4. My biggest week was 3.2. My total weight loss so far is 8.4, which I am celebrating… but I can’t help but remember how, the first time I joined WW (when I was 14), I lost 6lbs in a single week. As you get older, your metabolism slows down, etc. etc. and it really BLOWS.

Of course, I could be doing more. I’ve been following the program pretty exactly, but have gone a bit easy on myself in a few places (ie: exercising, snacks), just to ease the transition from OM NOM NOM to lean, mean and clean. It’s time to kick it into high gear, though, breeze past 10lbs and onwards to 15, 20 so I can get into summer down closer to where I was a year and a half ago. Let’s celebrate the good:

Things I’ve done awesomely

  • knocked down soda intake to once a week (one drink at one meal)
  • eating out only 1-2 a week (including one lunch @ food trucks)
  • eating fruit every day (usually apples, banana or strawberries)
  • only buy/consume a bottle of wine every other week
  • have either gone hiking and/or running at least twice a month (up from zero lol)
  • no eating after 8 p.m.
  • resisted and/or exercised extreme restraint with “free” food in the breakroom

And confront the bad:

Things I can improve on

  • rigorously measuring portions
  • snacking (esp. Fresh & Easy baked snacks)
  • running/exercising at least once a week, no exceptions
  • actually using my gym membership
  • making poor choices (mostly for lunch) – no greasy, fried food that will make me feel gross

Would love to hear from others who have struggled with slowwwwww, steady weight loss. Anything in particular you did to kick things into high gear?